Digitalization is the superpower

– The building industry needs to become more sustainable

With the urgent global threat of climate change, we stand on a burning platform that demands more sustainable building practices. Time is running out, and to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees by 2030, we must respond quickly and effectively.

Digitalization, along with new methods and a willingness to change our behaviour in building practices, can be the game-changer that drives ud to achieve this transformation in time and meet the goals. In this context, it is impossible not to talk about artificial intelligence, automatization, smart operations, collaboration platforms, and digital twins.

But digitalization in the building industry requires a united effort, with cross-industry collaboration to share knowledge and embrace new technologies. Let’s gear up and get digital to make it happen!

Join BIM World Copenhagen today – Scandinavia’s new and leading event on digitalization of the building industry 18-19 September 2024.

We can’t wait to see you!

Alongside a wealth of knowledge, get ready to meet and mingle with the biggest brands within digitalization of the built environment. See who you can meet at BIM World Copenhagen here.



An event with countless names

It could have been… Digi Build, Build IT or BuildTech Summit. Born in Munich and Paris, BIM World has now made its way to Denmark, and we’ve brought the name along for the ride. But here’s the twist: Our focus isn’t just on BIM. We are putting a spotlight on sustainability across the industry and embracing every single digital tool. Our mission? To drive sustainability in the construction industry with the help of digitalization.

Go Digital or Go Home?

BIM World Copenhagen is not only for those who work with BIM, but for national and international players all over Scandinavia who wants to shape the future of digitalization in construction, real estate, and urban development. No need to be a digital guru. That’s why we’re here – to share knowledge, insights and learn from each other. So, maybe you work as an architect, engineer, contractor, building owner, or consultant? Or are interested in sustainability, technology, documentation, or robotics?


So, are you game? Of course, you are! Because let’s be real, who wants to miss out on BIM World Copenhagen 2024? Today is a great day to grab your ticket for the leading Scandinavian event on digitalization of the construction industry.


Standard Ticket (EUR 180)

Gives access to the full 2-day event, along with the exhibition and the full conference program.


VIP Ticket (EUR 360)

Gives access to the full 2-day event, along with the exhibition and the full conference program. VIP Ticket also grants access to a special VIP Lounge with full catering and additional networking options.

All the prices are excluding VAT. If you prefer to pay the registration fee i Euro, this is only possible when paying by invoice.

BIM World CPH Puts You on the Fast Track of digitalization

Armed with newfound knowledge and practical experiences, you’ll be equipped to elevate your work to new heights of efficiency, digitally and intelligence. So, buckle up for a captivating program, filled with surprises and the latest trends on how digitalization can help propel the development. Stay tuned! The full two day-program will soon be revealed.

May the Scandinavian force be with you!

Join forces with international experts from Scandinavia and beyond in Copenhagen to share ideas, resources, and expertise to take construction, collaboration, and partnerships to the next level. And let’s not forget the networking opportunities! Rub shoulders with the brightest minds, exchange ideas, and create meaningful connections through-out the industry.



Benjamin Gabrielsen (DK)

Cost Manager, KOSMOS


Christian Dalhuizen (NL)

Senior BIM Consultant, BIMcollab


Fabian Sellberg (SE)

Computational Design Specialist, LINK Arkitektur


Feroz Razwan (SE)

VDC Manager, NCC


Jakob Søndergaard (DK)

Senior Project Manager, Danish Technological Institute


Jan Buthke (DE)

Digital Innovation Lead, LINK Arkitektur


Jochen Teizer (DE)

Professor, Department of Civil & Mechanical Engineering, DTU


Karoline Brekke Lauvrak (NO)

Sivilingeniør, LINK Arkitektur


Kell Møller (DK)

Head of Digitalization, Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri


Mathias Sønderskov Schaltz (DK)

Computational Design Lead, LINK Arkitektur


Michael Schwartz (DK)

Business Development Director, RIB Software


Niels W Falk (DK)

CEO & Partner, HD Lab Aps


Peter Bisgaard Andersen (DK)

Head of Digitalization Building and Construction, Teknologisk Institut


Povl Filip Sonne-Frederiksen (DK)

PhD Student, LINK Arkitektur


Ricardo Antonio Barbosa (DK)

Specialist, Teknologisk Institut


Ross Griffin (IE)

Founder and CEO, KOSMOS


Sam Sweeney (AU)

Head of BIM and Digital Delivery, 3XN


Sidsel Maria Vincents Jansen (DK)

BIM Udvikling og Bæredygtighed, Graphisoft Center Danmark


Sophie Bech (DK)

Hub Director, Niras Green Tech Hub


Thomas Graabæk (DK)

Indehaver, Graphisoft Center Danmark


Discover the 4 stages

Main Forum

The Main Forum is where we’re having the big industry wide discussions. This is where you will learn about how the Scandinavian building industry can benefit from coming together, to collaborate on how to use digital tools, technology, and data to make the process of building better, more efficient, and ultimately more sustainable. Look towards Main Forum to shed light on major future trends and tendencies in relation to digitalization in the construction industry.

Future Tech Space

The future is already here! But what does it mean for the building industry? Future Tech Space is where you can get to hear about exciting developments that can potentially turn the entire industry on its head within a few years. You can learn more about the latest developments and get an understanding for how we can use tools like AI, drones and automatization to make the industry better for your business and for the planet.

Buildings & Design

The stage Buildings & Design is focused on how digital technology, new tools and ways of working can help shape the future of our buildings. By designing tools that allow us to view the building process as a holistic entity from sketch to end of life, and by streamlining workflows to make design more transparent and efficient, we can put creativity back at the center of the profession, while also ensuring a smart approach to operations and maintenance.

The Workshop

Grab your hard hat and your gloves, and let’s get to work. At The Workshop you will experience inclusive courses, long form live demonstrations of workflows, and deep dives into complex problems and challenges. Here is room for discussions, problem solving, and collaboration, and you will get a chance to contribute to and participate in the process and conversations along with some of the smartest minds in the business.


Building Bridges to the Future

Powered by the dedication and innovation of the building industry, we are on a mission to connect Scandinavians change-makers. Together, we’re leading the transformation and digitalization of the building industry. A shoutout to all of our partners from near and far! We couldn’t do it without you!


Excited to dive into the realm of opportunities and become a partner? Reach out to us now. Hear more about your possibilities and apply for a partnership, please contact: Senior Sales Manager Thomas Klindt at or +45 4195 1431



Knowledge Partners

Join BIM World Copenhagen as we come together to set common standards, streamline workflows, spark innovation, and freely share data and knowledge across the entire building industry. Expand your horizons and connect with like-minded professionals across the construction industry.

Do you want to become a partner at BIM World Copenhagen?




Standard Ticket (EUR 180)

Gives access to the full 2-day event, along with the exhibition and the full conference program.


VIP Ticket (EUR 360)

Gives access to the full 2-day event, along with the exhibition and the full conference program. VIP Ticket also grants access to a special VIP Lounge with full catering and additional networking options.

All the prices are excluding VAT. If you prefer to pay the registration fee i Euro, this is only possible when paying by invoice.


Date & Time

18 September – 9-17
19 September – 9-16.30


KB Hallen
Peter Bangs Vej 147
DK-2000 Frederiksberg


You can contact us at


Invoice and confirmation of your registration will be submitted upon registration.
The price includes catering both days (coffee/tea, fruit/cake and lunch as well as a network reception with food and drinks).

Group Discount

It is possible to register 5+ entries for the event and get a discount. Contact us for more information.


Cancellation must be made by mail. If canceled up to 14 days before the event, a fee of 10% will be withheld. Should cancellation be made less than 14 days prior to the event, 50% will be withheld and, if canceled later than 2 days before the date of the event, full price will be paid. If you are prevented from participating, you also have the opportunity to transfer your participation to a colleague.

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