BIM World is coming
to Copenhagen!

After a long period of success in Paris and later in Münich, BIM World is finally coming to Scandinavia. We are happy to invite the nordic building industry to Copenhagen to learn about the advances in the digitalization in the sector, and how we can become better at working intelligently and digitally throughout the building process.

From the first sketch and all the way until the project is finished, digitalization can help streamline and democratize the building process and make sure that you work efficiently, so you can focus on making the best and most innovative projects. With the current challenges in the sector, it is imperative that collaboration across the entire value chain is at the center, so we can work smarter and push the industry in a more sustainable direction.

At BIM World Copenhagen, you will learn about the latest innovations and newest possibilities, and you will become more knowledgeable on what options are already out there that can help you and your work be better, more efficient, and smarter.

Join the exclusive Launch Event in 2023

BIM World Copenhagen will debut in September 2024, but this year 19-20 September, you can join an exclusive launch event in Copenhagen. This is your chance to meet and network with the leading voices in the industry and to be a part of forming the 2024-event. We gather an exclusive crowd to discuss what subject matters and challenges will be the most important in the coming years, and what role BIM World Copenhagen can play in putting a spotlight on the necessary changes, so the industry is better positioned for the future challenges around for example sustainability.

Through an intensive two-day conference program, you will hear from experts and front runners and participate in exciting discussions on how the building industry can realize the potentials the digital transition represents and transform the way we work tomorrow. Stay tuned for the launch event agenda and program.

The number of delegates will be limited for the launch event in 2023.

See you in Copenhagen
19-20 September 2023!

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Get updated on the current state of digitalization in the building industry


Talk, share knowledge and network with your peers in the industry and strengthen your projects


Learn from the trailblazers in the field and get inspiration to bring back home to your office


Learn from the most knowledgeable experts and learn their secrets and tips


Meet our trusted partners and get added value and insights from key players in the industry


The conference will center around how the industry can become better at embracing the digital opportunities and realize the potential that these digital tools and workflows represent. The future is full of challenges, but also great opportunities to move the industry in a direction that is better for the industry as well as the planet. You will learn about the newest developments and research into new technologies so you can be on the frontline of the digital transition. BIM World Copenhagen will also be the place to be, if you want to learn about the solutions already on the market and how you are able to work better, smarter, and more digitally already tomorrow.

Head of the Danish construction industry

Søren Cajus

“Digitalization is key, to help optimize and streamline the entire construction process – from planning and design to execution and maintenance. Digitization leads to better quality, less waste and reduced costs. In addition, digitization is a prerequisite for us to be able to document sustainability in the construction. Therefore, the BIM collaboration is a cornerstone for the green transformation of the construction industry.”

Head of the Danish construction industry

DI Byggeri


Henrik Bang

“Digitalization and new use of data play a decisive role in relation to a green transformation of the construction industry. This applies both in relation to documentation, but also in relation to optimizing processes, collaboration and working with customer and user wishes in new ways. Therefore, we look forward to meeting various players to discuss how we can make strategic change in the industry through digitization”



Launch Partners

BIM World Copenhagen will focus on bringing together the entire value chain across all the different sectors and disciplines to discuss and discover how we can make the entire Building Industry smarter and better suited for tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, we are extremely proud that over 20 important actors from across the building sector have already decided to support BIM World Copenhagen and our mission.

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Themes of the Launch Event

Twin transitions: Sustainability and the digital transformation of the building industry

We view the green transition and the digital transition as being twin transitions; to be successful in our sustainability agenda, we must integrate a digital transition and rethink the way we live and work to utilize the potential in new digital technologies. This is also true for the building industry, where digital tools, processes and better use of data can be the engine that makes the green transition possible.

Digital Twins and BIM innovations

Software evolving to offer a wider range of innovations that can help make your projects and models smarter and help support cross-disciplinary collaboration. It can even help you make documentation and reporting simpler. Working with digital twins can take your work to the next level and enable you to run detailed simulations and plan predictive maintenance and operations in order to cut costs and emissions.

Data, data & data

There is almost no limit to the amount of data and the type of the data that you can collect but the real challenge, is how you use the data available to you. As complexity rises it becomes important to have a clear strategy for how we collect, analyze, visualize, and distribute this data. Industry standards, open-source initiatives, and a common understanding of the challenges are some of the important issues.

Smart operations and IoT-integration

The use-phase of a building is a massive part of the equation, when assessing a building’s climate footprint, and this represents a huge potential to better use digital technologies to monitor and help operate our buildings. This can completely transform our buildings to make them more dynamic and reduce carbon footprints through real time operational data and other IoT-focused and related innovations.

Expand your professional network

BIM World Copenhagen is for everyone who is working in the building industry and wants to work smarter, not harder. Architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, consultants and many others will all benefit from the entire sector coming together to work on common standardizations, smart workflows, innovation and free flowing data and knowledge sharing.

Join and expand your network within the construction industry.

Director of digital innovation

Jacob Lundgaard

“Increased use of data and a better data flow is a prerequisite for the green transformation of the construction industry to take place in necessary speed. Data is key to documenting CO2 and resource consumption during the building’s lifetime. This provides effective collaborations and can increase productivity. Data collection can help us to reuse experiences from one construction project to another – and further into the operational phase.”

Director of digital innovation



Sisse Norman Canguilhem

“The sustainable transformation of the construction and property industry is closely linked to digitalization. Through digital tools, we can both scale and adjust sustainability initiatives to have the greatest possible effect. At the same time, digitization can also contribute to making it easier for large and small companies to act more sustainably”


Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri


Learn about the newest BIM innovations and how digital twins can completely transform the way you work and collaborate

Experience how Open BIM standards can foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and make it easy to use the same files throughout the project

Become a documentation master by utilizing open data and BIM integration and learn about the importance of using the right data from the start

Understand the importance of smart-operations by using IoT and real time monitoring and discover how to cut cost and emissions with simple tools

Discover solutions, workflows and processes that can aid you in your work with sustainability in your projects and business

Limited seats only
– Sign up for the launch event today!


Early Bird Price until 11 August 2023


Normal Price from 12 August 2023

If you are a solution provider, the price is 4.500 DKK.

All mentioned prices are excl. VAT.


What is BIM WORLD?

Building Information Modeling, BIM, represents the digitalization and process optimizations of the whole building industry. BIM and digital models have become the main driving force behind innovation and performance in the construction industry, urban planning and regional development.

BIM World MUNICH will take place 28 & 29 November 2023
– 250 exhibitors and +8.000 attendees

BIM World PARIS will take place 3 & 4 April 2024
– 300 exhibitors and 10.000 attendees




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Cancellation must be made by mail. If canceled up to 14 days before the event, a fee of 10% will be withheld. Should cancellation be made less than 14 days prior to the event, 50% will be withheld and, if canceled later than 2 days before the date of the event, full price will be paid. If you are prevented from participating, you also have the opportunity to transfer your participation to a colleague.

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